Scarlett, 3-Year-Old Playing Hide And Seek, Has 'Ninja-Like' Skills (VIDEO)

01/26/2013 02:47 pm 14:47:09 | Updated Jan 26, 2013

"Has anyone seen Scarlett?"

Nope. The 3-year-old playing hide-and-seek here has serious camouflage skills, and the video of her playing, which has made it to the front page of social news site Reddit, is getting a very entertaining response.

Scarlett's parent offered up a caption on YouTube describing the preschooler's hiding skills as "ninja-like," and Redditors ran with that image.

"I hope she uses this power for good and not evil," wrote givemecats. And logosfabula added: "She's Scarlett, she's gonna be an international spy!"

What do you think? Watch the video and let us know where you thought Scarlett was in the comments.

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