George Clooney Pays Stranger's Bill At Grill Royal Restaurant In Berlin, Germany

01/28/2013 01:49 pm ET | Updated Mar 01, 2013

George Clooney has a guilty conscience.

On Friday night, the actor confused a diner at a trendy Berlin restaurant by picking up his check. According to the Local, Clooney feared his group had been too loud.

The businessman, however, didn't even recognize the star.

As the customer finished his meal at Grill Royal restaurant and went to pay, he learned the $134.66 bill had been covered, UPI reported.

The waiter told him George Clooney was behind the gesture. The actor thought he and his friends, who were seated at the next table, had disturbed the man.

"That's not true at all,” the man told Bild newspaper. “They had behaved in a very cultivated manner. I was stunned.”

Clooney is in Germany filming scenes for the upcoming movie The Monuments Men.

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