01/28/2013 10:28 am ET

Pony Rescued By More Than 30 Firefighters In UK

Pony up!

Firefighters battled for six hours to rescue 5-year-old Nova, a pony that fell down a well over the weekend in Somerset, England , the Telegraph reports.

Grace Hilliar de Alvaro said that she found Nova stuck in the 8-foot hole Sunday morning, chest-deep in water. Some 35 firefighters, two fire engines and a special rescue team showed up to free the beast using harnesses and an off-road vehicle.

She said Nova was "lucky she landed on her feet, and not her back." Nova emerged from the well after a long rescue without a scratch, the Daily Mail reports.

pony rescue

A fire spokesman told the Sun:

"Crews removed a quantity of overgrown shrubs using handsaws and debris from around the well to assist access. Then they erected a tripod and shoring equipment and lifted the pony from the well."


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