01/29/2013 02:15 pm ET | Updated Jan 29, 2013

Benihana Offerings You Won't Find In Japan (PHOTOS)

We're not so silly as to believe that the average customer at a Benihana steakhouse strolls in thinking he or she's in for a traditional Japanese meal, but a recent glance at the chain's menu has us scratching our heads.

From violently blue-colored cocktails to sushi rolls crammed full of cream cheese, Benihana's menu is full of things you'd never find in Japan. It's not unlike Olive Garden, which offers up fare you'd be hard-pressed to find in Italy.

We imagine plenty people are satisfied with Benihana's brand of faux Japanese food. After all, it's still in business decades after its founding in 1964, with locations across the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean to boot.

Still, it's hard not to chuckle at some offerings on Benihana's menu. Does anyone really think these are Japanese dishes?

7 Benihana Offerings You Won't Find In Japan