01/30/2013 12:36 pm ET

Artist Heidi Voet's 'Fruit & Vegetables' Nude Series Is The Best Use Of Produce We've Seen (NSFW PHOTOS)

We are always on the hunt for fresh representations of the classical art history trope that is the body laid bare, but we never thought such freshness would come from the produce aisle.

heidi voet nude fruits

Inventive artist Heidi Voet's "Fruit & Vegetables" series combines the nude form with some of nature's healthiest dining options for juxtapositions at once surreal, humorous and oddly fitting. Who knew naked legs so closely resembled tubers?

Check out a slideshow of Voet's work below and let us know what you think in the comments. For a different take on produce-centric photography, check out Agan Harahap's "Garden Fresh" series.

Heidi Voet


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