01/30/2013 09:19 am ET | Updated Sep 02, 2014

Burrito Recipes That'll Convince You Homemade Is Better Than Chipotle

Center Cut Cook

Burritos, the larger and often more satisfying version of tacos, are a worthy indulgence. When else can foods from every food group come together to form a single harmonious (if messy) entree?

Your stomach is probably growling just thinking about it. But before you run to Chipotle to get your fix, we suggest you consider making your own with one of these burrito recipes.

While traditional Mexican burritos often contain only meat and refried beans, the Americanized versions take on a slew of toppings, from potatoes to guacamole. We rounded up the widest variety of burrito recipes we could find, so that vegetarians and meat-lovers alike can whip up this delicious meal.

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Nacho Topping Ideas