Popular Song Lyrics: Young Tweeters Share #LyricsWeAllKnow

01/30/2013 10:48 am ET

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"Just a small town girl..."

Do you know how the rest of the song goes? Chances are, you know every word to the Journey classic recently revived by "Glee." Last night on Twitter, teens shared the words to "Don't Stop Believin'" and hundreds of other songs with unforgettable lyrics. From recent mega-hits like "Call Me Maybe" to "What Makes You Beautiful" to classics from the Spice Girls and beloved Disney flicks, most of these 140-character #LyricsWeAllKnow rhymes will jog your memory for your favorite song lyrics.

What songs do you and your friends know all the lyrics to? Tell us in the comments or tweet your #LyricsWeAllKnow @HuffPostTeen!

The Trending 20
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