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Invasive Species The U.S. Gave The World, Including Lobsters, Raccoons And Bullfrogs

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From TakePart's Paige Brettingen:

Undoubtedly, the United States exports some of the world's most in-demand products—aircraft and medical equipment, to name just two. But not everything that leaves American shores is a wanted commodity, especially when it has jumped—or crawled—ship.

Here's a look at the underbelly of exports: eight American critters that have been shipped abroad—either accidentally or intentionally—and have created out-of-control messes. From preying on indigenous wildlife in Asia to spreading illnesses in Europe, these eight invasive species are definitely out-staying their welcome in other parts of the world.

List and captions courtesy of TakePart

8 Invasive Species The U.S. Gave The World
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