02/02/2013 02:07 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2013

Super Bowl Players Don't Know How Many Companies Are In The S&P 500 (VIDEO)

Luckily for players competing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, knowledge of the financial industry isn’t necessary to win the big game.

That may be why very few of them know how many companies are in the S&P 500 index. When posed the question by a CNBC host, their responses ranged from “10” to “that’s an easy one?” to “1,000.”

The correct answer should be rather intuitive, given that the index is called the “S&P 500.” It consists of the 500 companies and makes up about 70 percent of U.S. publicly traded companies, according to the Motley Fool.

Here’s to hoping the Super Bowl contenders know a little bit more about scoring a touchdown than they do about the stock market.


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