By Lynn Andriani

You know vegetables and lean meats are good for you. Here's how to make them taste better than ever.

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  • Rich Soup (Zero Heavy Cream)

    We know what you're thinking: yogurt. But that's not what makes this lusciously creamy soup so good. Jared Koch and Jill Silverman Hough, co-authors of <a href="" target="_blank"><i>The Clean Plates Cookbook</i></a>, are experts at using produce and other intrinsically healthy ingredients in ingenious ways. Plus, every one of their delicious recipes comes together in a half hour. This soup is just one excellent example. <b>Get the recipe: <a href="" target="_blank">Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Garlic Oil</a></b>

  • Two Words: Taco Night

    Packed with bold flavors and a variety of textures, these tacos include zucchini and peppers, which are coated with a chili powder spice rub and then grilled. They're the perfect weeknight supper: fast, easy and fresh. And you won't miss the meat, we swear. <b>Get the recipe: <a href="" target="_blank">Grilled Veggie Soft Tacos with Cilantro Slaw and Spiced Crema</a></b>

  • A Bright, Filling Alternative To Cobb Salad

    A great source of protein, this refreshing yet hearty dish can be made with brown or pink lentils, but it's the green du Puy version we love best -- they're less likely to get mushy and will result in a more toothsome, satisfying salad. If you want to add even more heft, top the finished dish with a softly poached egg or two. <b>Get the recipe: <a href="" target="_blank">Green Lentil Salad with Kale, Carrots, Asparagus, and Dijon Dressing</a></b>

  • The Secret Way To Get Your Greens

    We all know we should eat more leafy greens, and this pasta dish is a sneaky way to do it. The recipe uses chard leaves as you would basil in a traditional pesto, so you hardly know you're eating healthy. Just make sure to choose green (and not red) chard for a bright-looking pesto. <b>Get the recipe: <a href="" target="_blank">Swiss Chard and Rosemary Pesto Pasta</a></b>

  • Veggie Burgers That'll Make You Forget All About Frozen Ones

    These aren't so much burgers as tasty, Southwest-accented black bean sandwiches. The patties get nicely crisp on the outside but remain soft on the inside. Top with grilled onions, arugula leaves, avocado and salsa. <b>Get the recipe: <a href="" target="_blank">Black Bean "Burgers"</a></b>

  • A Good Reason To Buy An Extra Rotisserie Bird

    This chili is a great way to use up leftover roast chicken or turkey. Along with pinto beans, green bell peppers and mild green chili peppers, it's a hefty yet good-for-you one-pot meal. <b>Get the recipe: <a href="" target="_blank">Turkey Chili Verde</a></b>