02/05/2013 09:09 am ET

Avocado Brownies: Good Or Gross?

How Sweet It Is

Let it be known: We have a bit of a crush on avocados. Okay, more than a crush. It's love.

They're uniquely healthy and buttery, which is exactly why they're so darn tasty on their own. So we're a little concerned about the growing trend of adding avocados to just about everything -- linguini, cupcakes, soup. We've even seen recipes for baking eggs inside of avocados, a recipe in which two rights arguably make a wrong.

We wonder if this is also the case with avocado brownies. How Sweet It Is whipped up a tasty-looking batch using dark chocolate, powdered sugar, avocado oil and two ripe avocados. What do you think?

avocado brownies

Get the Avocado Brownie recipe from How Sweet It Is.

Are these amazing? Are they an abomination? Are they, somehow, both? Let us know what you think in the comments!


We Love Avocados
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