02/08/2013 04:34 pm ET

Dog Vs. Snowblower: Pup Loves Playing In the Snow (VIDEO)

If there's one good thing to come out of winter, it's this clip of an adorable dog facing off against a snowblower.

Reddit user "Ginger-Vitis" posted a video of a playful pup "helping" clear snow from a driveway. The dog, which obviously loves frolicking in the snow, charges the snowblower head on, jumping into the path of the funneled flakes.

However, the canine isn't the only dog that has taken a liking to the machinery. A pup named Buck was previously filmed playing with a snowblower, jumping to try and catch the snow with his mouth.

Seeing as to how this dog reacts to a run-of-the-mill snowblower, we can't even imagine what it would do with an over-sized snow thrower.