02/12/2013 02:20 pm ET

Julie Taymor On Charlie Rose: 'Lion King' Director Spills On Spider Man, New Works And More (VIDEO)

"I like to do things that haven't been done before," says theater, film, and opera director Julie Taymor in a recent interview with Charlie Rose. "I want to take people to places they didn't know they wanted to go."

Despite (or because of) her reputation as being tough on the set, Taymor has proven more than once that she can do just that. She was the first woman to win a Tony Award in the musical category for her 1997 production of the "The Lion King", and she was one of the founding masterminds behind the ambitious theatrical adaption of "Spider Man" on Broadway. Check out the rest of her Charlie Rose interview below, where Taymor spills about ending her role as director for "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" and setting new plans for an upcoming Shakespeare performance in Brooklyn.


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