02/12/2013 10:33 am ET

'Cougar Town' Flashback: Jules And Bobby Horrify Their New Neighbor, Ellie (VIDEO)

Jules and Bobby Cobb weren't always the cultured, poised "Cougar Town" characters we know and love.

OK, maybe Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt) has always been rough around the edges, but the Jules (Courteney Cox) we see on the TBS comedy these days is a little more polished than her ex-husband.

Back in the day though -- the day they bought their house on the Cul De Sac, that is -- they were something to see. Bobby had a truly impressive mullet and Jules' taste in clothing was, well, bold.

In HuffPost TV's exclusive clip above from the Feb. 19 episode of "Cougar Town," see a flashback to the first time Jules and Bobby, in all their down-home glory, met Ellie (Christa Miller). You can just imagine how Ellie reacted to the possibility of the Cobbs as her neighbors (she probably needed a big glass of wine after this encounter).

"Cougar Town" airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TBS.

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