'Triple Triple Burger' From Jake's Wayback Will Set You Back 5,100 Calories

02/14/2013 10:46 am ET

HuffPost has seen a lot of novelty burgers. There have been five-patty burgers, burgers with black buns, burgers with bizarre cheese patties and so much more.

But we've got to hand it to Jake's Wayback Burgers, a chain with 62 locations mostly in the eastern U.S. It's pretty bold to put a nine-patty burger on the menu.

In addition to the nine burger patties, there are also nine slices of American cheese, plus the usual lettuce and tomato. The monstrous creation costs $12.99 (seems pretty cheap for NINE MEAT PATTIES, no?). The burger was originally offered as a test but has now become a permanent addition to the menu, reports Burger Business. Apparently, one guy has eaten the whole thing in less than two minutes.

According to the video clip below, the Triple Triple has 5,100 calories and 117 grams of fat. That's close to six buckets of KFC chicken or five Pizza Hut "Meat Lovers" pizzas. How does one even bite into this thing?


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