02/15/2013 10:40 am ET

Russia Meteor Twitter Parody Preempted By Jake Fogelnest

Not everything needs a lazy Twitter parody, especially tragedies that injured hundreds of people. Comedian Jake Fogelnest is doing God's work, you guys.

Hello, this is @jakefogelnest. As a public service, I have registered this Twitter account to prevent another parody account.

— Russia Meteor (@RussiaMeteor) February 15, 2013

Not only that, he's publicly shaming others for even thinking about it.

.@russianmeteor Delete your account immediately.

— Jake Fogelnest (@jakefogelnest) February 15, 2013

Hey @meteorofrussia. Let's keep it this way:…

— Jake Fogelnest (@jakefogelnest) February 15, 2013

.@meatierrussian Whatever your first joke is, don't write it.

— Jake Fogelnest (@jakefogelnest) February 15, 2013

On behalf of everyone on Twitter: THANK YOU, JAKE.


Meteorite Crash In Russia
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