Obama Uses 'Don't Forget To Be Awesome' In Chat, Internet Freaks Out

02/16/2013 12:40 pm ET | Updated Feb 16, 2013

One of the best moments of President Barack Obama's recent Google hangout didn't involve politics.

On Thursday, John Green, who is a New York Times bestselling author, interviewed Obama during a video chat on Google Plus. He and his many online followers -- mostly from Tumblr and YouTube channel VlogBrothers -- rejoiced when Obama used Green's own trademark phrase, "Don't forget to be awesome," or DFTBA.

According to Hypable, it happened as Green announced his wife's pregnancy with the couple's second child. He asked Obama to help pick a name, and the President told Green’s forthcoming baby to not forget to be awesome.

Green couldn't believe it.

Neither could the fans.

And to top it off?

If Obama were running in the next election, he would have the nerdfighter vote.

During a Twitter Q&A last year, the President caused similar excitement when he tweeted a compliment to a girl with purple hair.

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