Animal Photos Of The Week: Elephants, Night Monkeys And More Pictures

02/24/2013 06:00 pm ET

Some note-worthy developments unfolded this week in the animal kingdom. Scientists found that dolphins can copy one another’s signature screech, and four federal research chimpanzees retired to Chimp Haven in Louisiana.

To the dismay of some, Alaska Senator Bert Stedman is trying to implement a bounty on sea otters, claiming the threatened species is hurting seafood populations.

Others are focused on helping a range of animals. A bear rehabilitator has been staying busy teaching cubs to hibernate in New Hampshire, and a woman in Colombia is acting like a mother to baby night monkeys. In New Zealand, beachgoers rescued a royal penguin, who traveled over one thousand miles from home.

Find below some of the best animal photos from the past week and beyond!:

Awesome Animal Photos Of 2013
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