02/25/2013 07:25 am ET

Maria Morales, PoshMark Marketing Agent, Pairs A Baseball Cap With Red Lip Gloss

Here's one more reason that baseball caps go so well with beauty. They quickly take any lip color shade and make it look about a thousand times more badass. As evidenced by Maria Morales, a marketing agent for PoshMark, we met recently.

To get her super-long lashes, she employs a product that, until now, we hadn't given much thought: Eyelash primer. "It's a white base and it helps make my eyelashes even longer!" she told us. She follows that with a healthy coating of Diorshow mascara. "This is my must-have beauty product. I have really long eyelashes and this is the only mascara that keeps them curled."

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Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style

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