Peanut Butter Sandwich In Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Shows Us How (VIDEO)

02/25/2013 09:09 am ET

Ever been making a peanut butter sandwich and thought to yourself, "I'm great at this on earth, but how would I make a peanut butter sandwich in space?" Astronaut Chris Hadfield is here to show you.

Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen is a YouTube series devoted to just these kinds of questions. Hadfield answers all kinds of space food questions -- for example, why is he using a tortilla instead of traditional sandwich bread? It's not just because tortillas are delicious, it's also because they create fewer space crumbs to float around inside your spaceship. Space crumbs, you guys. It is so cool that we are not making this up and we are telling you the truth right now! Get all the tips you need to make a fantastic peanut butter and honey sandwich in space below.

Kind of amazing, right? We can't wait to see what Chris cooks next!

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