Cam Ward Save: Hurricanes Goalie Robs Capitals' Joel Ward (VIDEO)

02/27/2013 01:40 pm ET

Although Carolina was shut out by Washington on Tuesday night, it was Hurricanes goaltender Cam Ward who may have made the highlight of the game with an early candidate for save of the year.

Midway through the second period with Washington leading by two goals, Caps winger Joel Ward (no relation) got a rebound in front of the net and snapped a shot off from just outside the crease. The Carolina goalie was out of position, but swiftly dove across the net and batted away Ward's shot with his glove. The red lights turned on signaling a goal but the refs quickly waived it off.

The save was reviewed and the officials ruled that the puck was stopped before it crossed the goal line.

For a better look at how open the net was for Washington's Ward, Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy tweeted an image from behind the goal.

Unfortunately for the Canes netminder, he still allowed three goals as the Caps won 3-0.


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