02/27/2013 02:52 pm ET

Kid Writes Adorable Letter To Yosemite National Park, Apologizes For Taking Sticks (PHOTO)

This kid note submitted to Reddit by user and self-proclaimed Yosemite National Park Ranger bestmattever, shows the dismay of a young child named Evie, who wrote the letter with two sticks attached because the child knew they were "not supposed to take things from the park."

The humanity! To the Yosemite National Park gulag with Evie! Those are irreplaceable one-of-a-kind twigs.

But Park Ranger Bestmattever is endeavoring to live up to his Reddit username, and there will be no gulag for little Evie.

"I sent her a nice letter and an extra Junior Ranger badge. I told her how impressed we all were, and how we hung up her letter in our office so we could show others how great our Junior Rangers like Evie are," he said in a comment on the thread.

And at Evie's request to "please put them back in nature," Mr. Park Ranger says he will be photographing various spots in the park and will ask Evie which spots to place the twigs.

(H/T Twentytwowords)



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