02/28/2013 09:04 am ET

Jon Stewart Party Poops Wall Street's Merger Mania (VIDEO)

Despite the looming sequester, Wall Street seems downright giddy over merger news. Fortunately, as Jon Stewart and John Hodgman explained on Wednesday's "Daily Show", a surge in mergers has never, ever led to economic disaster. Not once, ever.

Always the party pooper, Stewart was a little baffled by the celebratory atmosphere of the big business community and wanted an explanation for the uptick in mergers and acquisitions while "the rest of the economy is stagnating." Enter Hodgman, who himself has recently merged with the dictionary, to explain things. In a word, "Greeb."

As the "Daily Show" correspondent and noted eccentric millionaire revealed, "Too big to fail -- TBTF -- is the rich man's YOLO."

Watch Jon's introduction above and Hodgman's thorough analysis below.


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