Graffiti has a relatively short, but no less glorious artistic tradition. Its potential for social impact, by way of its existence in the public sphere, can't quite be measured, and many of today's celebrated artists have their roots in the graffiti scene.

But sometimes graffiti is just the work of a of jerk with a spray can. After all, who hates dolphins? Or truly believes that "abecdence" is the only way to curb teen pregnancy?

Below are 13 acts of graffiti that will leave you asking, “Why was a perfectly good wall ruined for this?” Take a look, and let us know if any of these strange works of art speak to you.

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  • Harsh

    Let's agree to disagree.

  • Someone's Bitter

    You just weren't ready for class treasurer, sorry.

  • Sounds Deep

    But what does this all mean?

  • We See What You Did There

    But, seriously, what do we do?

  • Mixed Messages

  • Helpful Reminder

    Is this a note from my mom?

  • Existential Crisis

    Has us doubting everything we believe in.

  • Nonsensical

    But, we're glad to know you're healthy.

  • Lunch Request

    We just ate. Thanks though?

  • Spelling?

    Abecdence-only education doesn't work.

  • FYI

    Thanks, but what does this prove?

  • Graffiti From Hell

    What are you trying to say, Satan?

  • Jesus, Mary and Nicolas Cage

    Art with Nicolas Cage is inherently bewildering and beautiful.

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