03/08/2013 09:07 am ET

Jon Stewart Suggests Bill O'Reilly For Pope, Reveals Pope Campaign Ads & Election Process (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart kicked off "The Daily Show's" rundown of how the new pope gets elected with a couple of suggestions. First and foremost, if any male catholic can be pope, why not Bill O'Reilly? He's already certain he's right about everything.

Second, if the Catholic church really wants to reach out to women, how about a female pope... or cardinal... or bishop. [Crickets.] Oh, well, good luck with that.

But then Stewart moved onto the meat of the story, how the pope actually gets elected, and for that he brought in Senior Vatican Correspondents Aasif Mandvi and Samantha Bee.

Watch the clip above and let us know your pope suggestions in the comments. We're still on Team Colbert over here.


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