Russell Westbrook Airball From Half Court: Thunder Star Tries To Draw Foul, Fails (VIDEO)

03/12/2013 12:30 pm 12:30:03

Usually half-court shots are taken as time is running out. But on Monday night, Russell Westbrook launched a long-distance shot with plenty of time left on the game clock and shot clock, attempting to to draw a foul on San Antonio's Gary Neal late in the third quarter.

With Oklahoma City down by a three, Westbrook took one step beyond the half-court line and chucked a shot with 18 seconds remaining on the shot clock. Though Neal had crowded the Thunder star, the strange decision to attempt the three-pointer with the hope of drawing the foul proved unsuccessful and eventually resulted in a hilarious, long airball.

"He thought he was going to get the whistle, there," laughed the announcers as Westbrook retreated onto defense.

Sure enough, the refs didn't bite. The Spurs went on to beat the Thunder 105-93.


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