03/12/2013 02:07 pm ET

Tage Schill, 82, Gets Stuck In Car Wash

An 82-year-old in Vaxjo, Sweden, made a big splash recently when he got stuck in the car wash at his son's gas station.

Tage Schill went into the drive-thru wash to clean the facility when he passed a sensor and accidentally put the whole system in motion.

"It was frightening and terribly noisy," Schill said, according to "I couldn't hear or see anything and I was trying to get out of there."

To make matters worse, a female customer drove up into the wash, which made it harder for the aqua-soaked octogenarian to make a clean getaway.

"I must admit that it was a somewhat shocking experience," Schill told the Swedish language newspaper Expressen. "But as my son said, I got clean anyway."

Schill wasn't injured from the incident, but the customer behind him worried it was her fault, but he reassured her and gave her a card for a free wash, according to the Swedish language newspaper Aftonbladet.


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