It's the day so many of you have been waiting for: the Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally arrived. In an unveiling at New York's Radio City Music Hall, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was presented to the public.

If you're in the market for a new smartphone, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices out there, and the Galaxy S4 is quite impressive. In order to help you decide which phone is best for you and to put the Galaxy S4 into context, we've created a table comparing three of the top smartphones on the market right now.

How the Galaxy S4 Stacks Up Against the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and HTC One

Galaxy S IViPhone 5Galaxy S IIIHTC One
Display5.0-inch Full HD Amoled, 1920x1080, 441 ppi4-inch Retina display, 1136-by-640 pixels, 326 ppi4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED, 1280-by-720 pixels, 306 ppi4.7-inch Super LCD3 display; 1080 x 1920 pixels, 469 ppi
Operating SystemAndroid 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, with Samsung TouchWiziOS 6Android 4.1 with TouchWizAndroid 4.1, with HTC Sense UI and "Blink Feed"
Rear Camera13 megapixel with LED flash, 1080p8 megapixel with LED flash, 1080p8 megapixel with LED flash, 1080p4MP UltraPixels, LED flash, 1080p
Front Camera2 megapixels, 720pLess than 1 megapixel (720p)2 megapixels, 720p2.1 MP, 1080p
Special Camera FeaturesDual Shot / Dual Recording/ Dual Video Call Drama Shot, Sound & Shot, 360 Photo, Cinema Photo, Eraser, Shooting ModesIncreased noise reduction, shared photo streams, improved low-light shooting, face detection, touch-to-focus, geo-tagging, HDR Touch-to-focus, geo-tagging, face and smile detection, burst photography, "best photo" selection, share with friends via face recognition, editing suite 1/3'' sensor size, simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, face and smile detection, OIS
Talk TimeNone yet8 hours, 45 minutes10 hours, 20 minutesNone yet
Web Browsing TimeNone yet9 hours, 56 minutes5 hours, 17 minutesNone yet
SD Slot/Removable BatteryYes/YesNo/NoYes/YesNo/No
Weight130 grams112 grams133 grams143 grams
Dimensions136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9mm123.8mm x 58.6mm x 7.6mm136.6mm x 70.6mm x 8.6mm137.4mm x 68.2mm x 9.3mm
PriceNot yet announced.$199 on contract$199 on contractNot announced
Killer FeaturesS Translation suite; gesture control and eye tracking; groupcasting; TV remote controlSiri; iCloud; Lightning connector; huge App Store NFC suite, including S Beam and Buddy Share; Google NowZoe HD video/pictures; BlinkFeed homescreen; BoomSound stereo speakers; Sense TV with IR sensors to turn phone into remote control; "UltraPixel" camera
CarriersAT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-MobileAT&T, Verizon, SprintAT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-MobileAT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon

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  • The Galaxy S4 Lockscreen

    The lockscreen on the Galaxy S4. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • The Galaxy S4 Homescreen

    The homescreen of the Galaxy S4. Here you can see that Samsung has reduced the "bezel" of the display, meaning that the glass stops closer to the horizontal edges of the phone. This allowed the screen to balloon to 5.0 inches from 4.8 inches without the device getting too much larger. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 Back

    The back of the Galaxy S4, with the 13 megapixel camera and flash. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3

    A Galaxy S4 on the left in white, and a Galaxy S3 in blue on the right. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3

    Another look; the Galaxy S4 is slightly larger than the Galaxy S3. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3

    Another view. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

    Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

    The display on the Galaxy S4 is now a full inch larger (in diagonal) than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has a 4.0-inch display, while the Galaxy S4 has a 5.0-inch display. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • S Health

    The Galaxy S4 has a new app called S Health, which acts as a health diary for the owner. The phone can track your steps and you can input each meal, and the phone will calculate your calorie intake. Optional accessories -- like a fitness wristband, digital scale and sleep belt -- can also measure your blood pressure, weight and glucose levels for a total health diary. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • S Health

    Logging my morning coffee with the S Health app. No calories! Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 Side View

    The Galaxy S4 from the side. The S4 is 7.9 mm thick, or 0.3 mm thicker than the iPhone 5. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 Camera

    The 13 megapixel camera ships with a load of new features, including an option to simultaneously snap a photo of yourself with the front camera overlaid onto your subject taken with the rear camera. You can choose what shape your floating head appears as; here, I am inside a heart with GigaOM's Kevin Tofel. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 Camera

    The software of the Galaxy S4 camera has been overhauled to mimic the Samsung digital cameras shooting modes (on bottom). One new mode is called Eraser, in which the camera can detect an unwanted photobomber in the background by his or her movement and then automatically delete that person from that photo using other shots. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • S Translator

    Another new feature is S Translator, which can translate between 10 different languages. You can either input text via the keyboard or speak what you want translated into the microphone. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S Translator

    A big <em>ni hao</em> to all of my Chinese readers. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Hover View

    Borrowing form the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S4 can now detect when your finger is hovering over certain content and provide a preview of that content. Here, my finger hovers over an email and a preview of that email pops up on screen. Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert

  • Galaxy S4 Remote Control

    The Galaxy S4 contains an IR sensor to control the basic functions of your television. It also contains a channel grid so that you can tune to channels on your TV.<a href="" target="_blank">A similar feature was introduced on the HTC One earlier this year</a>.

  • Samsung's Galaxy S4

    Image credit: HuffPost/Jason Gilbert