03/13/2013 12:43 pm ET

Hayden Panettiere's Short, But She Looks Even Tinier Standing Next To This Giant Car (PHOTOS)

Hayden Panettiere may be petite, but big things obviously don't scare her off.

The 5-foot-2-inch actress posted a photo of herself standing next to a giant SUV on Twitter yesterday, boasting that her "Napoleon syndrome" won't stop her from possibly buying the vehicle.

But one snapshot wasn't enough. The 23-year-old "Nashville" star made sure to pose on top of the enormous car, sitting on the hood while flashing peace signs.

hayden panettiere short

Let's be honest though -- it's no secret that Panetierre doesn't think size matters. Her on-again boyfriend, world champion heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko, is 6 feet 6 inches ... yes, that's correct.

Age gaps don't matter much either. 36-year-old Klitschko is 13 years older than Panettiere.

Let's look at that picture again:

hayden panettiere short


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