03/15/2013 11:06 am ET

Sean Emmett, Ex-Racer, Arrested For Allegedly Drinking Alcohol After Wife's Death

A former British motorbike racer was arrested for allegedly drinking alcohol after he went to a police station to sign papers related to his wife's death in Dubai.

The BBC reports that Sean Emmett, 43, was charged with consuming alcohol without a license.

Buying alcohol in Dubai from a non-designated place, like certain restaurants, is illegal unless you have a license to do so, according to the BBC.

Emmett faces up to six months in jail if convicted.

The ex-racer was arrested nine days after his wife, Abbie Emmett, committed suicide on the couple's honeymoon at a luxury hotel, according to 7 Days in Dubai.

An officer at the station allegedly smelled alcohol on Emmett's breath, a source told the site.

Emirates 24/7 previously reported that police investigated Abbie Emmett's death and labeled it a suicide. Hotel staff "unanimously confirmed that they saw nothing abnormal in regards the newlyweds," a law enforcement official told the site.

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