03/21/2013 04:00 pm ET

Andrew Lancaster, Taxidermist, Sells Cat Skin Rug On 'Trade Me' Auction Site (PHOTOS)


A bidding war for a large cat skin rug ended Tuesday when the feline sold for $955.

Andrew Lancaster, a taxidermist in New Zealand, found the dead, male cat on the side of a road when driving home in February, reported.

"I thought, 'It's a perfect specimen,'" he told the website. The seasoned taxidermist turned the roadkill into a rug and put it up for sale on Trade Me, an auction website. He marketed it as a "great little gift for the mancave!"

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Cat Skin Rug

More than 10,800 people viewed the roadkill creation before the auction's closing, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Lancaster received mixed reviews, with one commenter calling him "disgusting," and another saying, "I laughed so hard when I saw this I nearly wet my pants!"

One animal advocacy group member told the Herald that Lancaster's work was "in extremely bad taste."

TNT Magazine reported that Lancaster once made headlines before, when he came out with a series of strange taxidermy hybrids, where he crossed different breeds and sometimes even combined human doll parts with animals.

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