03/22/2013 10:25 am ET Updated Mar 27, 2013

Unique Baby Names That Are Becoming More Popular In 2013

Written by Linda Rosenkrantz for

What baby names are moving up fastest in popularity? It’s easy enough to follow those near the top, but what are the less visible, below-the-radar climbers? We took a look at the names that have risen at least 400 places in the past five years, and we found some real surprises such as Adalyn, Adalynn and Adelyn, "uneek" spellings like Charlee, Londyn and Karter, kissing cousins Kinley, Kenley, Kinsley and Brynlee -- not to mention Yaretzi, which rose 563 places to reach Number 375. Here are a dozen rapidly-climbing names that are both usable and explicable -- often via a celebrity connection.

12 Baby Names On The Rise