This week, we gave you a handy guide on how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions in your daily lives -- but it looks like those who needed it the most forgot to read it. Vanessa Hudgens continued on her climb toward adulthood in a dress with a perilously high slit, and Diane Kruger showed off her good sideboob.

Which TV actress paired a black bra with a sheer white top? (Honestly, which one hasn't at this point?) All is revealed in the slideshow below!

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  • January Jones

    We get it, Jones -- you've got great legs.Consider showing 'em off in a mini next time; at least it'll look like you did it on purpose.

  • Diane Kruger

    Sideboob to the extreme! We like the lace detailing on Kruger's "Host" premiere dress, but the panel itself looks a little too wide for comfort.

  • Vanessa Hudgens

    We're getting major car wash vibes from Hudgens' skirt. A daring slit maximizes mobility -- <em>and</em> potential for malfunction.

  • Brenda Song

    Hey, at least Song bothered to put a bra on at all while she went grocery shopping, right?

  • Jasmine Villegas

    The teen singer opted for a very youthful frock -- with a <em>very</em> mature neckline. Combining sheer sleeves and bodice with an itsy-bitsy skirt can only end in overexposure.

  • Lily Aldridge

    We guess when you're a model, you're allowed to make wild choices. But Aldridge's micro-mini in the middle of a cold front in New York seems a little misguided.

  • Alexandra Daddario

    Daddario's dress's keyhole missed the boob window mark. We can't tell if we're disappointed or relieved.

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