Latino Stars' Family Business: Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria And More Celebrities Who Didn't Follow The Tradition (GALLERY)

03/25/2013 05:46 pm ET | Updated Mar 25, 2013
Latino Stars' Family Business

It is not a family business, at least for these Latino stars...

Culturally, Hispanics tend to follow in the steps of their parents, passing along their traditional family business or professions generation after generation. However, far from continuing the same practice, celebrities like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas, decided to turn their lives in a completely different direction.

Contrary to other stars, whom's parent’s professions are linked in some way to the entertainment world, these artists have come far, most of them from humble foundations, and reached the top.

Daughters and sons of cigar rollers and farmers, accountants and teachers, you would never guess where these stars originally come from. Take a look at the gallery above and tell us which one is your favorite story.

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