03/25/2013 07:50 am ET

The 10 Best Airports For Kids, According To Travelnerd

Traveling is, in and of itself, no easy feat. So, adding little ones into the equation is enough to make a family want to stay home. We know that there are many important reasons to travel as a family, and some would say that the time is always right to do so.

To make the process a bit easier, the folks at compiled a ranking of the best and worst U.S. airports for kids. The list is based on the number of nurseries and play areas available at each airport.

Find the top 10 airports for kids below. For the 10 worst, hop on over to travelnerd's website.

For even more on traveling with kids, check out our 10 sanity-saving tips and advice on how to travel with kids without falling apart.

Best Airports For Kids
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