'Game Of Thrones' Tweets Marriage Equality Symbol Featuring Lord Renly

03/26/2013 08:15 pm ET

The openly gay Lord Renly (Gethin Anthony) may have been killed off "Game Of Thrones" last season, but he's still around when it matters.

As the Supreme Court works to come to a decision on California's gay marriage ban, the realm has made their stance on the issue very clear.

With the Season 3 premiere of "Game Of Thrones" only a week away, fans are curious about what realm has in store for them. And If George R. R. Martin's words are any indication, the realm will only get bloodier in the seasons to come.

"I have some great stuff planned ... a lot of blood and fire and death and devastation and ravens coming home to roost."

Season 3 of "Game Of Thrones" premieres on Sun., Mar. 31 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

"Game Of Thrones"

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