Richard Pryor Unreleased Track From Upcoming Box Set Will Make You Blush (AUDIO)

03/27/2013 03:24 pm ET

The AV Club reports news that should excite Richard Pryor fans: The legendary comic's work will be documented in an extensive box set entitled "No Pryor Restraint: Life In Concert."

The set will be released June 11.

Pryor, who died in 2005, had quite a body of work to show for himself by the time of his death. The new set will include seven CDs and two DVDs, including the landmark "Live on the Sunset Strip." Notably, the box set will include a full two hours of previously unreleased material, including a selection below originally featured on The AV Club.

Warning: Like much of Pryor's material, the selection below is very NSFW, as it involves jokes about animals in sexual situations.

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