By Ariana Romero

Sorority Rush: the Harry Potter sorting hat of your college experience, only with much nicer outfits and choreographed singing and dancing. You’re probably hoping I’m about to tell you how to make it into your supposed dream house or a top tier sorority. Sorry to say, not going to happen. I am going to tell you how to make it through the process with minimal tears and ultimately a bid to the right chapter for you. Because more than anything reader, I want you to be happy for the next couple years and not just on bid day.

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  • Go In With An Open Mind

    First off: try not to take campus gossip too seriously. There’s a reason it’s gossip and not in a textbook. And, if you’re not invited back to the Chapter of Your Dreams, keep going. By the end of the day, you’ll probably be totally in love with a new house. Eventually you’ll realize that there are amazing women everywhere. It may be cheesy, but it’s also completely true.

  • There Will Be Tears, And That's Okay

    Whether they’re the happy tears that follow a perfect preference round or the sad kind from not getting invited to your current favorite house, the waterworks are going to happen. It’s just a thing

  • Stay Positive! Seriously!

    Even if you shed a few tears, keep your chin up during recruitment. Go into every round as the best version of yourself, and you might just leave happier than you would’ve expected.

  • Be Honest!

    Maybe this is an obvious one, but be yourself! Don’t change anything to seem like a more attractive potential new member. These will be your sisters for life, and you want them to love you for you.

  • But, Leave Some Stuff Out

    There are some taboo topics that are better left for after bid day. That hot frat star you’re texting? He might be a sister's ex-boyfriend (or even worse, her current). Generally, it’s good to avoid the five B’s: Boys, Bible, [Presidents] Bush/Barack, Booze, and Bank.

  • Try To Treat It Like “Fight Club”

    At some point, you’re going to want to dissect every sorority with your friends. Why they suck. Why they’re fantastic. Why you’re meant to be there. Don’t! Or try not to at least. A friend might decide to cut a chapter they’re good for to avoid seeming like a nerd or go for a house she wouldn’t really fit into.

  • Have Fun!

    At the end of the day, all of the stress and countless conversations should lead to one thing: fun! You’re meeting new people and getting dressed up— It’s not chem lab. Remember to enjoy yourself!

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