As his "Happy Easter" card to all of us, Jimmy Fallon created this ridiculously wonderful all-clucking cover of "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers. Rounding out The Chickeneers with Fallon are Nick Offerman, Blake Shelton, and "Late Night" editor Chris Tartaro.

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  • Easter Bunny On The Loose

    Freedom never felt so good.

  • Slacker Bunny

    He wasn't even trying with this costume.

  • Say Cheese

    Or just cry. That works too.

  • Master Of Disguise

    Your pink suit ain't fooling me.

  • Masked Man

    His mask may say "bunny" but the rest of him says "creep."

  • Run Away!

    She's got the right idea.

  • Photo Of Disappointment

    Nobody looks happy to be there.

  • Get Back Here!

    The moment captured, is better than any posed portrait.

  • Smile!

    Why are you doing this to me?

  • Sneaky Bunny

    Don't look behind you, girl.

  • Kid Friendly Bunny?

    You're doing it wrong.

  • That's Me In The Mirror

    And I'm terrifying.

  • Swing Away...

    And then run, because who knows what that bunny is capable of.

  • Perfect Portrait

    That caption is deceiving.

  • The Wise Bunny

    Offering advice that this kid definitely should not listen to.

  • Gene Simmons + The Easter Bunny

    The worst thing for a baby.