Timothy Dluhos Supporters Threaten New York Post Reporter Candice Giove For Uncovering EMT's Racist Tweets

03/29/2013 11:19 am ET | Updated Mar 29, 2013

After New York Post reporter Candice Giove confronted New York City EMT Timothy Dluhos about his secret, racist "Bad Lieutenant" Twitter account, the 34-year-old broke down in tears.

"TWEET JUSTICE" was delivered, and Dluhos-- who tweeted about "coloreds," "chinks," called Mayor Bloomberg "King Heeb," and bragged about his Nazi paraphernalia-- was suspended from his $93,000-a-year job.

Now supporters of Dluhos have unleashed a series of vile tweets directed at Giove, in some instances wishing physical harm upon the reporter.

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Supporters Of Racist EMT Threaten NY Post Reporter

The Post now reports a reader named Ryan Collins sent a message to the paper threatening violence on their reporters, adding, "Just hope you don’t need ems when it happens.”

Additionally, The Post reports Footer and P-Rock, hosts of an online radio show called "The Red Show," heaped praise on Dluhos this week.

"He’s a brave motherf--ker, but in the end he’s going to come out fine . . ." said P-Rock. "He’s been cornered as a racist, and that’s not true. Tim’s our guy.”

After Dluhos called into thank the duo, Footer took a shot at Giove, saying, “Like I said to that dumb c---, ‘He’s out there saving lives!’

The hosts then attacked Giove for her apparent ethnicity. “For me she looked a little yellow, like Middle Eastern. I don’t think she should be allowed to carry a backpack.”

Supporters of Gluhos have also launched a fundraiser for the disgraced EMT. A page called "HelpTim" on the online platform Give Forward shows they have raised $355 of their $1,200 goal to help Dluhos recover from losing his job.

Dluhos' racist tweets were uncovered just days after another city EMT, Joseph Cassano-- son of FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano-- was busted for his own racist, anti-semitic tweets. Joseph later resigned from his position.

Also this week, the NYPD issued a warning to officers to be careful of what they post to Facebook and Twitter. More than a dozen officers were punished last year after posting racist comments to a Facebook page titled, "No More West Indian Day Parade."

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