'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice': Omarosa Finally Gets Called To The Boardroom, But Did Trump Fire Her? (VIDEO)

04/01/2013 06:23 am ET | Updated Apr 01, 2013

After two weeks where her teammates inexplicably did not bring her back to the boardroom to face Donald Trump, Omarosa finally wound up there, as "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" shifted to its temporary hour-long format. Lil Jon was the project manager, and he brought the two people on his team who brought in the lowest amounts of money, Dennis Rodman and Omarosa.

Trump seemed genuinely happy to see Omarosa, telling her, "Omarosa, I adore you ... You helped me make ‘The Apprentice.' I mean, we were the number one show on television."

But personal feelings aside, she'd been disruptive for too long, and the Donald told her, "You're fired."

Rolling Stone said simply, "It's about damn time!" Entertainment Weekly agreed, saying that "now we can move on without the clearly orchestrated charade of her acting like a villain in a lame attempt to juice drama."

See who gets fired next on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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