04/01/2013 07:21 am ET

'The Client List': Riley Forced To Reveal To Derek The Existence Of The Client List (VIDEO)

The business-within-the-business at The Rub picked up a whole new batch of potential clients on "The Client List." Riley may not have intended to bring her first male masseur into the other side of the business, but he kind of left her with no choice. After he was propositioned by one client, he started offering her the same "happy ending" services Riley and some of the other girls offer the men on the list.

Riley called him into her office and stunned him when she told him that the spa does over those extra services to a select number of clients. After she laid it all out for him, Derek had only one thing to say. "Just that I landed the best job ever," he said.

TV Fanatic imagined this scenario could quickly get out of control. They wrote, "I'd venture to guess that if Riley brought on more men like Derek she'd be sprouting up franchises all over Texas. Sure, that would be one frightening business to run on such a huge scale, but damn the profits would be good!”

Derek joining the secret side of The Rub happened just in time for Riley to use him as muscle. After she and Selena convicted Nikki of stealing -- or doing something in Selena's room -- Nikki turned back to her life of stripping. This time, though, she was in over her head, and Riley had to come and bail her out. She made a powerful and dangerous enemy in doing so.

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