04/01/2013 04:24 pm ET

Cocaine Bags Allegedly Found Between Lincoln Hospital Patient's Butt Cheeks In New York City

When staff in a Bronx psychiatric ward subdued a patient for being anal, they allegedly found 17 bags of cocaine nestled between his butt cheeks.

The New York Daily News reports that the unidentified patient, who was being held at Lincoln Hospital, got the staff's attention when he started yelling and screaming. Medical workers grabbed hold of him and gave him a shot in his buttocks to calm him down on March 28.

That's when two baggies fell from his relaxed derriere, the paper reports:

A subsequent probe revealed 15 more bags, all reportedly full of cocaine. They were handed over to police, who will file charges against the patient as soon as he's discharged.

It's not the only time drug heads have been found to be drug orifices.

In March, a Florida woman named Porcha Gross was caught with a crack cookie in her vagina. A "cookie" is crack cocaine that's been formed into a disc, usually around 3 inches across.

And in January, police found Kentucky woman Jessica Webster smuggling heroin syringes in her vagina.


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