04/01/2013 11:56 am ET Updated Apr 01, 2013

Top 9 Things My Kids Have Done That Seem Like April Fools' Day Jokes But Aren't

Written by Margaret Ables for NickMom

Being a parent means being a pro at April Fools' Day. Why? Because our kids have (unknowingly?) been pulling pranks on us every day of their lives.

Here are nine pranks my kids have pulled that I only wish were April Fools' Day jokes.

9. Chose the following preschool outfit: sweater underneath bikini top with jeans, flip-flops and a tutu.

8. Made me ice cream with ketchup for breakfast.

7. Drew a picture of an obese witch-looking creature and labeled it “MOMMY!”

6. Got a facial piercing.

5. Carved an elaborate piece of artwork … into my dining room table.

4. Painted brother in my red lipstick.

3. Failed out of 7th grade.

2. Brought a frog into my bedroom “for safekeeping.”

1. Pooped in the bathtub. Twice.

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