04/02/2013 05:35 pm ET | Updated Mar 31, 2014

Philadelphia Man Allegedly Offers Marijuana As Cab Fare Payment; Police Charge Him With Possession

Cash, credit and ... weed? Think again.

A Philadelphia man, short on cash, learned that lesson the hard way when he allegedly tried to pay his $8 cab fare with marijuana, according to local news outlets.

Sixth District Police Captain Brian Korn said 23-year-old Michael Medvec "tried to slip the cabbie a bag of marijuana to pay for the fare" Friday night on Chestnut Street in Old City, CBS Philadelphia reports.

Unfortunately for him, officers were standing within several feet of the cab and responded quickly when a driver reported that Medvec couldn't pay what was owed.

"They can't ignore it," Korn said, explaining to that the attempt was made in their presence. "You do something silly, you need to get spanked a little."

Medvec was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana Friday and was released the next day.

Medvec isn't the only one who tried to pay his tab with the other type of green. In May, a Niagara Falls man reportedly offered a Denny's cashier $1.00 and a bag of marijuana to cover his $9.91 check. Like the cab driver, the cashier turned down the barter and called the police instead.


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