04/02/2013 03:30 pm ET | Updated Apr 02, 2013

Thousands Of Walmart Customers Complain Of Empty Store Shelves

Ask Walmart, and they'll say their shelves are wonderfully stocked, their employees available and able. Ask Walmart customers, and there's a chance you'll get quite a different response.

Empty shelves at Walmart have prompted thousands of customers to send complaints to Bloomberg news, the news outlet that first reported signs of stocking issues.

The emails come after a five-year period in which Walmart reduced its domestic workforce despite adding 455 stores across the U.S., according to Bloomberg News.

The Walmart shoppers say the problem has gotten so bad that they've been forced to go elsewhere. Walmart, however, disagrees.

“Bloomberg continues to pursue a story based on a sample size of customer responses that is not representative of what is happening in our stores across the country," Walmart wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

"[Our] customers continue to tell us they have had a positive shopping experience and those numbers have trended upward over the past two years. Additionally, our in-stock shelf availability is at historically high levels and averages between 90 and 95 percent."

Walmart has struggled to boost its performance this year, with executive Jerry Murray in February calling the retailer's sales a "total disaster" in an email.


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