04/06/2013 07:31 am ET

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

Last Sunday, Margaret sent the team an email titled "Your Sunday Beyonce" with a link to this video and the following note: "I was just rewatching this, and it made me so happy all over again that I needed to share with all of you." Needless to say, it made the rest of us happy all over again too. We highly encourage you to open it in a new tab and watch it immediately after you're done reading this.

So we were pleased to see that we weren't alone in our focus on Beyonce enthusiasm this week. (Not surprised, just pleased.) Sarah Heyward had a confession: "I've never felt more out of the loop than when I realized that everyone other than me somehow just knew to start calling Beyonce 'Bey.'" Rachel Hastings, who was apparently still thinking about "Life Is But a Dream," asked: "Has Beyonce's stock gone down since her documentary came out or should I shut my disrespectful mouth?" And Anna David had a bone to pick with her computer: "Spellcheck did not know the word Beyonce. FOR SHAME."

For more awesome tweets from women, click through the gallery below. And be sure to visit our Funniest Tweets From Women page for our past collections.

Funniest Tweets From Women
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