04/04/2013 11:57 am ET

Jesse Jackson Jr. Moving Trucks: Movers Seen At Ex-Congressman's Chicago Home (VIDEO)

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Moving trucks seen hauling boxes out of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Chicago home on Wednesday raised questions concerning whether the ex-congressman, awaiting sentencing on felony tax fraud charges, is skipping town.

According to ABC Chicago, moving trucks were seen outside of Jackson's South Side home on Wednesday morning.

Jackson, the son of iconic civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson, has kept a low profile since he and his wife Sandi, a former Chicago alderman, pleaded guilty to illegally using $750,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses in mid-February. Aside from reports that he is working on a memoir to "clear up his legacy," updates from the disgraced congressman have been few.

Sentencing for the Jacksons has been set for June 28. Jesse faces up to 57 months in prison -- nearly five years -- and Sandi faces up to a two-year sentence.

Per Fox Chicago, most of the belongings taken from the Jacksons' home Wednesday are Sandi's and the couple is rumored to have decided to live in separate cities until their sentencing. Sandi has reportedly moved to Washington, D.C., where their two children attend school.


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