04/04/2013 08:29 am ET | Updated Apr 01, 2014

Prevent Spills In Your Refrigerator With A Cutting Board (PHOTOS)

If you have wire refrigerator shelves, chances are you've experience many a bottle tipping over. Because of the awkward grates, drinks, jars and condiments can easily become unsteady, causing you to have to facilitate a major clean up. Luckily, we've come across this clever repurposing idea on Reddit that will help prevent spills in the refrigerator.

User Franklinstower10 suggests placing an old cutting board onto the shelves to help balance the containers.

Photo by Frankinstower10

You might be thinking, why the user didn't use something more accessible (and free) like cardboard or plastic? It's because he didn't his girlfriend wouldn't find it "aesthetically pleasing."

But if you don't happen to have a spare board around the house, you can also try plexiglas. Both of these options will give your fridge a more organized look and will definitely make it easier to wipe down.

Click through our slideshow to see other unique cleaning and organizing tricks. And be sure to head over to Reddit for more information.

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