04/04/2013 12:53 pm ET

Prince Harry's New Secretary Is A Public Relations Expert, Thankfully


File this under news that should have happened a looooong time ago: Prince Harry finally hired a personal PR guy.

Well, kind of. The Telegraph reports that the party boy has just hired Edward Lane Fox, a senior associate at communications firm RLM Finsbury, as his very own private secretary. The two actually met during their military days (Fox is a former captain in the Household Cavalry) and both have ties to the Burnaby Blue Foundation, so they'll definitely have plenty to chat about.

Harry's new "right hand man" will join the 28-year-old's team after his royal tour through the US in June. Not to rehash old issues, but don't you remember what happened the last time the prince came stateside? Perhaps Harry should take up Chris Christie on his offer to babysit...

Whether or not Harry hired Fox for his PR expertise, it's clearly a good idea that his personal secretary know a wee bit about keeping up appearances. Aside from his well-chronicled partying, Harry's snagged headlines recently for his romance with British socialite Cressida Bonas (they were even spotted kissing in case you want, er, proof). Plus, he's about to become an uncle, so he'll have to set a good example for his future niece or nephew.

So what do you think of Harry's latest decision to hire a PR expert as his personal secretary? Think that'll calm his wild ways?

Hopefully Harry's new secretary will ensure we have more moments like these:

Spend Some Quality Time With Prince Harry...

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